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Eyewear, Sunspecs and Contact Lenses
Eyewear, Sunspecs and Contact Lenses

Eyes on the Common carries an extensive portfolio of EYEWEAR, SUNSPECS and CONTACT LENSES, many of which are not commonly seen in other opticians.


An international collection by such designers as Bevel, Einar, ic! berlin, Seiko, Shauns, Silhouette and Tavat make up our stunning eyewear available as regular prescription eyewear. Our new additions are the Modo, Neubau range for adults and Chick and Tomato Glasses for children. We also offer a comprehensive range of sunspecs, swimming goggles, ski goggles and sports eyewear for adults and children alike.

Our optical lenses are dispensed by SEIKO, SILHOUETTE, TOKAI & ZEISS, who offer the thinnest optical lenses which are superior for clearer vision, sharper images and reduced distortion. They are also lighter and more comfortable for the wearer, substantially reducing pressure on the nose-bridge and ears.

Our lens range includes:

  • Single vision
  • Progressive lenses
  • Computer lenses
  • Digital lenses
  • Indoor lenses
  • Lifestyle or Individual
  • Tinted or reactive


Eyewear and Contact lensesEyes on the Common keeps abreast with the latest developments in contact lenses, and we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the fast-evolving alternative to traditional eye wear solutions.

Contact lenses can be worn as an alternative or in combination with your prescription eyewear and are available to use as daily disposables, extended wear – weekly/monthly – or reusable lenses.

They can correct astigmatism in the form of toric lenses and used as  multifocal to see at all distances. Worn regularly or occasionally, there are countless reasons why people choose to wear contact lenses:

  • aesthetic/cosmetic
  • avoid wearing glasses
  • change appearance, coloured contact lenses
  • functional needs
  • optical reasons
  • better peripheral vision
  • ideal for sport

Continuous wear contact lenses makes vision on waking in the morning natural without having to reach for your eye wear. They are particularly useful, especially for pilots, police officers, armed force personnel and mothers.

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